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2024 Jury Application

This is a juried event. Completion and submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance into the Mountain State Art and Craft Fair.

Juried Tamarack Artisan
WV Art & Craft Guild Member
Media Category. The following list reflects the commitment of MSACF to a wide range of products by artisans and craftsmen and women. Please check which applies to your work.

MSACF rules and regulation will apply to all artisans/crafters, regardless of the category of exhibits.


Participation is open to all handmade fine arts and crafts. All work represented must be of an original concept executed and designed by the artist in attendance. No work which has been made with commercial kits, molds, patterns, plans, or prefabricated pieces is allowed. No "buy/sell" or retail vendors are allowed. Exhibitors are required to provide hands on demonstrations for their craft or request in writing a waiver as to why they cannot demonstrate.


Jurying will be for the July 2024 fair. If accepted you will receive an Exhibitor Application that you will submit with you booth fee to secure a space.

Requirements for Jurying:

  • Send five (5) images of your work and one (1) image of your booth display. Images must be high resolution to be juried effectively. Be sure to have at least one close-up photos that shows details.

If you are unable to upload your Artist Statement, it can be mailed with your application to the addressed listed.

  • A one-page brief but thorough "Artisan Statement" must accompany your application that will tell jurors about you and the work you do. Include details such as how long you've been perfect your work, what materials and techniques you use, and any pertinent information to your art/craft.

If you are unable to upload your Artist Statement, it can be mailed with your application to the addressed listed.

  • By submitting your photos and documents, you authorize the MSACF to use the for any marketing or advertising purposes related to the MSACF.

It is the artist's responsibility to make sure we receive all application requirements on time. JURYING WILL TAKE PLACE UNTIL APRIL 30, 2024. Juried applicants will be contacted as soon as possible.

  • Commission of 10% will be paid to MSACF on total sales at checkout on 7/7/24.

  • WV State Sales Tax will be paid to the WV Tax Department on total sales at checkout on 7/7/24.

  • The MSACF has the right, in the event of a national and/or state emergency to close/cancel/postpone the fair.

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