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JULY 4J-7, 2024

New and exciting things are happening here at the Mountain State Art and Craft Fair so we're updating our website. P


  • Contestants may be from any state

  • Each contestant must play two (2) tunes (medley-style not acceptable)

  • Each contestant may have a maximum of two (2) accompanists

  • No electric instruments are permitted

  • In case of a broken string, the contestant may replay

  • In case of major tuning changes, a contestant may replay the tune.

  • Awards are presented following the conclusion of the contest

  • The contestant will not receive final score sheets, and the judge's decision is final

  • There is no entry fee for the contest  - only a $7.00 Gate Admission

    Youth 11am - noon | Adults noon to 1 pm


Senior 16 and over

1st $350 | 2nd $250 | $150

Youth 15 and under

1st $100 | 2nd $75 | 3rd $50

  • To process awards winners must complete a standard W9 form, an invoice form, and supply the MSACF with their SSN.

  • Youth must have their own SSN and be accompanied by a parent when completing forms. Parents SSN cannot be used.

  • Award checks will be mailed within three weeks of the Mountain State Art and Craft Fair with paperwork completed.

  • Each winner will receive a special, one-of-a-kind certificate designed by Lola Smith.


  • Intonation - tuning and tonal qualities

  • Timing - accurate and consistent rhythm

  • Difficulty - complexity of selections

  • Technique - difficulty in performance

  • Selection - choice of tunes

    The judges decision is final; no appeals can be made. 


Youth 11am - noon | Adults noon to 1 pm

Cedar Lakes Conference Center

Debra Gard, 304.483.4027

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